Into the Unknown: Part II

Into the Unknown

Part II: Brattiness

When I arrived at the joint mechanic and doctor’s office, Charlie was in the shared waiting room for the mechanic and doctor, fiddling around with her phone and her skateboard propped against the nearby wall..

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yeah, I got your text and just thought I’d accompany you.”

“That’s very nice of you.”

Although I was still annoyed at Charlie’s prank, I wasn’t going to reject company during maintenance lest I risk death by boredom. I registered myself for both mechanic and doctor. Max Steel and his ridiculous name came and called me out first. Maintenance went smoothly, with no outstanding issue and we were back in the waiting room soon after.

“Ready to go home?”

“Actually I need to see the doctor for my hormone injection.”

“I thought you took pills.”

“Those are just testosterone blockers. Estrogen I get through monthly injection. ”


“And I probably should go in alone unless you want to see my butt getting jabbed…”

“What if I do?” Charlie said, her cheeks getting a little pinker and her gaze drifting a few inches away. I blushed at the thought. We hadn’t gone anywhere near there yet… “That was a joke!” She said raising her hands up.

“I know.” I said with a rapid nod.

“Caroline?” Doc Venus called out, just in time to save us from the awkwardness and having to think about Charlie wanting to see me naked…

“I’m here.”

I got up and into her office with her.

“Your registration says you need your HRT shot anything else?”

“Oh, I could use a prescription for my Aldactone since my pharmacy’s way back in Massachusetts. I still have a week’s worth of tablets though.”

“That I can do. If you can ready yourself.” She motioned at the exam table. “I’ve memorized your file so this will only take a moment.”

She prepared everything and I unbuckled my pants.

“Have I ever told you how much I love HRT?” She said as she drew the correct dosage out of a bottle. “No life and death danger, just a little prick and it makes my patients so much happier and more comfortable with themselves.”

“That’s cool. Out of curiosity, are there transgender venusians?”

“Not really. We don’t really do gender, it’s very much irrelevant in our society. We also don’t form romantic partnerships and as our youngs are rapidly independent and are taken care of communally so we never developed a division of labor by sex. Add to that the fact that we have no sexual dimorphism outside of internal genitalia and a very slight variance in scale tone.” She explained. “You can see why I think humans are so fascinating, you’re just so different in every aspect.” She came toward me, the needle ready. “If I may?”

I lowered my panties a little and she gently injected the hormonal solution into my buttcheek. Although I was generally really shy about these things with normal doctors, I didn’t mind it with doctor Sij. Maybe because she was an alien, it’s hard to feel embarrassed to be naked around a gentle giant blue reptile.

“Here you go. It’s going to be a bit sore and yada yada yada, you know the drill.” She said before writing a prescription for me.

“Thank you doctor.”

“It was a pleasure.” She said, escorting me to the door.

Charlie was still waiting outside for me and we went back to the dorm together. When we came in, the aroma of indian spices came to me. In the kitchen, Sanjay was busying over pots and pans, the first time I’d seen him do so along with Allen. Although it hadn’t been like he needed to what with my frantic need to blow steam through cooking.

“Oooh, what’s this?” I asked him.

“Hey Caroline. Dinner should be ready in about four or five minutes.” Sanjay answered.

“You made dinner? Gosh darn it.” He frowned.

“I totally would’ve loved to cook with you and learn your recipes. But I missed the chance!” I declared, making sure to over do it so he’d know I was kidding.“How will I ever live with myself now?”

“I can teach you another time.” He promised.

“That’d be great.” I said, a wide grin on my lips. I opened the pots and smelled the dish simmering inside, the aroma of onions, chiles, garlic, tomatoes and ginger coming to my nose. “Looks and smell amazing.”

“Thanks, it’s a family recipe.”

I took my plate and thanked Sanjay. Next came Charlie’s turn and immediately her hidden brattiness resurfaced.

“What’s that?” She asked, looking at her plate.

“Chole Masala and biryani; it’s a type of chickpea curry and a vegetable pilaf-like rice.” Sanjay answered.

“I think you got me mistaken. Nibbles is the rabbit, this is like rabbit food.” Sanjay glared at her silently. “I’m a growing girl. I need like actual food.”

“There’s only one person in the world I cook meat for and it’s a tiny mischievous Tamil girl who loves fish. While you might have got the tiny part right, you’re not her. If you’re not happy then don’t eat it.”

“Damn it, not you too.” She mumbled.

“Oh my god…” I sighed.

I had enough and I could see Sanjay wasn’t happy. I grabbed Charlie’s plate, shoved it in her hand and then dragged her by the ear to the dinner table.


“Sit and eat.” I said firmly, dragging a chair for her.

“But I don’t like vegetables…”

“Charlie, you haven’t even tried it.”

She reluctantly dug her spoon into the curried chickpea before putting a small bit into her mouth, chewing slowly. She at least didn’t spit it out, although that might have been because of me watching her like a hawk. The rice went down much easier and without a complaint but that was one of the few things she liked.

During dinner, Sanjay remained at the kitchen counter, quickly eating his plate before jumping on the dishes. When I finished mine I got up and went toward him.

“Sorry about Charlie.” I began, giving him my empty plate. “She can be really bratty. I swear she eats nothing but meat, sweets, bread, pasta and rice. She ‘hates vegetables’ she says.”

“It’s fine.” He sighed.

“It’s really not. I’ll kick her butt if she does it again next time.”

“I’ll hold you to that promise.” He said with a smirk.

“I’ll do it. Cross my heart.” For good measure I made the sign. “Heck, we’re all going vegetarian for the next few days, until she change her mind, that’ll teach her to be a brat.”

“You’re a scary girl Caroline, I wouldn’t want to cross you.”



I kept my promise and the next day we dined on tofu tacos, much to Charlie’s irritation. Which was after giving her the cold shoulder most of the day and having her sleep in her own bed rather than snuggle at night. Was I over reacting to her brattiness? Maybe….

“Caroline? Are you still mad at me?” She asked Friday afternoon once classes were over.

I stopped and faced her. “A little.”

“I’m sorry… I just wanted to get back at Jaeger for teasing me. I didn’t think about how you were the one who made those cookies. I promise I won’t do it again. If I’d known it would’ve hurt your feelings, I would’ve never done it.”

I scrutinized her and she did seem genuinely sorry. “Alright.” I said with a sigh.. “But you’re also going to apologize to Sanjay for being grumpy and difficult the other night.”

“Yes Ma’am.” She answered sarcastically and I rolled my eyes.  “Alright, I’ll go talk to him. I still think vegetarian food is yucky, but you’re right, he worked hard on it and I was a brat about it…”

That was a start, I knew I had to give her a little slack. “Since there’s plenty of time before dinner, how about we get some fresh air and sun before the weather gets colder?” I proposed.

“Sure, we could hang out in the Ravenhold park. Do some skateboarding or something?”

“After last time, I am so not jumping on one of these things ever again.” I said firmly. I still had bruises and scrapes on my knees from when I’d tried the weekend before.

“You don’t have to, I’ve got roller skates or—”

“I’ll be fine walking.”

“Alright, whatever works for you.”

I took her hand and headed for the house so she could gear up.


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