Chased By The Past: Part V

Chased by the Past

Part V: Syndicate Mission

It took three teleports because Kellen could only travel to places within eye view. Last time I had seen her she could only travel a few miles in one go, but apparently she had vastly improved. She teleported us to Isle Au Haut and then to the Coastline of Rockport. Then the third and final one was up Mount Megunticook.

“Hope you’re up for some exercise,” she said, dropping my hand, although she held my gaze for a good few seconds.

“Lead the way,” I said, cutting it off. She frowned at me but did as requested. I followed her up the mountain trail. After about twenty minutes she led me off the tourist route and into a secluded area of rock. She checked we were alone and then spun, pulling me down to her. I hesitated for a moment but gave in, kissing her. It wasn’t long before we were making out and I lifted her small frame, pushing her against the rocks behind us. She moaned against me, her hands reaching under my shirt to brush my scars. The touch sent shivers through my body. The taste of her strawberry gloss was long-gone, replaced by her. We stayed like that, passionately kissing and brushing flesh but nothing more intimate. When we finally did break apart we were both breathing hard.

“I’ve missed you,” Kellen whispered, clutching my face in both her palms. I released her, lowering her back to the ground and turned away.

“Where’s Heppenheim?” I asked. I glanced over my shoulder and could see a hurt expression but I wasn’t here for her. I knew it was wrong of me to kiss her just now, but I couldn’t help it. Even after everything she had power over me.

“Right,” she sighed. She went further into the rocks and reached into a small crevice, pulling out a case. Inside were devices, some general supplies, and a laptop. We both sat on the grass and she powered it, quickly logging onto the darknet to connect with the Syndicate servers. A few moments later a video call was going. At first we were looking at a beautiful blond woman but then she moved aside and Heppeneheim was there.

“Heppenheim!” I cried, I couldn’t help shouting out. I’d never felt so relieved to see the old guy in my life.

“Jaeger, are you okay?” he asked, looking as equally relieved. I nodded, fighting tears.

“What happened back there?” I asked. I had to know for myself, had he really abandoned me?

“There were two Legion teams. The one you were dealing with and another one heading straight for me. I’m really sorry Jaeger, I didn’t want to leave you but it was that or we would both be caught. I hoped they would go easy on your because of your age,” he explained, the guilt obvious on his face.

“Well, you were right about that,” I laughed.

“What’s Ravenhold like?” Kellen asked, shooting me a side glance.

“Mostly it’s like any other school,” I shrugged. “Only the physical ed teacher will beat the shit out of you if you don’t fight back well enough.”

“Heh, tough love is it?” she murmured.

“Are you safe where you are?” I asked Heppenheim.

“Yes, I’m as safe as I can be. Look, the American branch are willing to help us both Jaeger,” he replied. I nodded, having already guessed as much since Kellen had brought me here. The woman said something off-screen to Heppenheim and he nodded.

“Jaeger, I need to go. They can’t keep this connection secure. Just work with Kellen and we’ll be home soon,” he promised.

“I will, take care,” I said. I wanted to say so much more but neither of us had ever been that touchy feely. Kellen turned off the laptop and turned to me. In the setting sun her dark skin glowed at the edges, her hazel eyes studying me.

“Unfortunately, it’s not a simple case of you and Heppenheim leaving,” Kellen began.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean, I need you to go back to Ravenhold,” Kellen sighed. “There’s something important we need there.”

“You want me to steal something from the most secure hero academy in the world?” I knew I had snuck off site but this was different. Alarms would be triggered, I was under no disillusions as to how much Ian would and wouldn’t let me get away with.

“We believe it’s being guarded by the Raven,” Kellen explained.

“The hero?” I asked. She nodded. “The first Raven created the academy in his will and his descendants have continued to run it since his death.”

“Look, I have map satellite footage of the house. All you need to do is break in and figure out the layout and where the item most likely is stored. After that I’ll be in contact for the next steps,” Kellen explained.

“What am I looking for?” I asked.

“Raw Element Zero.”

Kellen teleported me back to the beach of Priest Island, my mind swimming with the mission I’d been given. She didn’t leave straight away, studying me from a short distance.

“What?” I asked, shooting her a side-glance.

“You’ve changed,” she said.

“Hormones do that,” I shrugged, rubbing at the two day old stubble I probably needed to shave.

“You seem hesitant, are you worried about being caught?” she asked.

“Not really. I’ve just…” I trailed off, struggling to find the words. She tilted her head before chuckling.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“You,” she murmured. “You’ve made friends with some of them, haven’t you?”

“More acquaintances,” I laughed.

“Even that indian boy?” she asked. I blinked at the question and narrowed my eyes.

“He’s Tamil.”


“Indian is a very broad descriptor, he’s Tamil.” Kellen stared at me for a few seconds and shook her head, making a scoffing sound.

“Wow. Is he why you pushed me away?”

“I pushed you away because you’ve not bothered to contact me in three years.” I crossed my arms, choosing not to meet her eyes anymore.

“Sure. Well, you have your fun with the Tamil boy,” Kellen said, stepping closer to me, close enough her vanilla perfume and heady eyes flooded my senses. “And be ready to break his heart, because this only ends one way Jaeger. That guy wants to be a good guy, something you could never be.” I didn’t bother replying to her, mostly because there was no point. She was right.

“Be careful.” With that she teleported away, leaving me to walk back to the academy and house alone.


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