Chased By The Past: Part II

Chased by the Past

Part II: Casual Relations

I donned a thick black hoodie and my usual ripped jeans to leave the house and stopped to grab one of Caroline’s jam cookies to eat as I walked. However one bite in as I walking downstairs there was a very noticeable problem with them. I yelled at the sudden burning sensation in my mouth and raced to the kitchen to spit out the chunk of cookie in my mouth. I turned on the cold tap and rinsed out my mouth. I heard Charlie’s laugh and spun to glare at her.

“You! You did this,” I said, pointing at her. She just continued to smirk, proud of herself. I turned off the tap and grabbed a glass of milk. “This is war!” I said before drinking the milk.

“Bring it on batface. I can take you,” she replied. I shook my head and left the house, my mouth still hurting a little. A part of me was admittedly proud of her, and I would think up something of equal brilliance in no time.

By the time I reached the wall the spice burn was mostly gone from my mouth. However someone intercepted me as I walked.

“Ms. Lindström,” I said. By this point we were well acquainted. Both she and Raven had told me off a few times for sneaking off on my own. However Raven hadn’t kicked me out and back to prison as he had previously threatened so he obviously didn’t care that much. She was a tall woman with short blonde hair and an attitude not to be messed up. I made a point of being more polite to her than I was with Raven. “Lovely evening tonight.”

“It is Mr. Smith,” she replied. “So why are you here waiting near the wall?” I had to think fast and by luck I heard nearby footsteps.

“Just waiting for my friend, we were gonna head out together,” I said, raising my voice a little and turning to get the random stranger’s attention.

“Oh.” she seemed genuinely surprised. “I didn’t realise you and Harley were friends.” The unsaid part of that sentence being she didn’t realise I had any friends. I was well aware I didn’t go out of my way to get to know people or let them get to know me.

“Sure we are,” I said, shooting them another glance. From their expression they had now cottoned on to the situation. I also took the chance to check them out. They were tall with an androgynous appearance. Pale skinned with long black hair and dark eyes. They had a black hoodie of their own covering a dark red top and a short lolita style skirt with thick black tights and impressive doc marten boots.

“Now, no need to be modest. This cute guy actually asked me out on a date,” they said, smirking. I blinked but recovered before Ms. security could suspect something was amiss. She raised an eyebrow at us both before stepping aside.

“Very well, you two have fun,” she said, sounding amused. So much for her always being Ms. Serious. I walked towards the gate – this would actually be my first time leaving through it as opposed to wall climbing. The wall climbing felt more fun though.

“So, where are you taking me?” Harley asked, walking beside me. I couldn’t help a smile at their confidence.

“I don’t know the island that well, what do you recommend?” I asked.

“Well, it’s a first date so how about coffee?” I laughed.

“I’m Jaeger.”

“Harley, non-binary – and I meant what I said before, you’re cute,” they said.

“Heh,” I murmured. “I’m a pansexual transguy,” I added at their cocked eyebrow.

“Well, this is a good start,” they smiled. I followed Harley into the town part of the island. I’d never actually gone anywhere near this since my intention when sneaking out had always been to go as far away from populated places as possible. It began to drizzle a bit as we walked so we sped up our pace. I followed them into a coffee shop named “Lava Java”. Straight ahead of us was a counter and the rest of the shop was a mixture of tables and comfy chairs. There was a large empty sofa by a crackling fireplace. It did the homey atmosphere well. Luckily by this point Ravenhold had actually given me some funds, not that I had really spent any of it. I’d worked out how to be conservative with my money a long time ago – hence why so much of my clothing continued to have rips.

“What would you like?” I asked as I looked at the board above. They didn’t just do the regular stuff, they had a lot of specialty teas and fancy hot chocolates going on. I opted for black coffee to keep things simple.

“Skinny chai latte with vanilla and cream.” I blinked and they laughed. “Just good old fashioned earl gray tea.” The barrister sorted the order, looking amused. They gave us a jar with a table number on and we nabbed a secluded table in a corner of the building.

“So,” Harley begun, “Why were you sneaking out?”

“I wasn’t sneaking out,” I said.

“Bullshit, Catherine wouldn’t have bothered stopping you unless you were breaking rules,” Harley said. “Not that I mind a little rule breaking,” they shrugged.

“There was no rule breaking. I’m allowed off the school site if I’m with someone,” I replied.

“Dammit, this is now a far less exciting date,” Harley sighed.

“Sorry to be boring you,” I laughed.

“So why aren’t you allowed off school grounds on your own?” they asked, leaning forward. I could see their dark eyes were bloodshot somewhat and wondered if, like me, they had issues with sleep.

“Secret,” I replied.

“Aww, that’s no fun,” they pouted.

“I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you,” I joked.

“Hot,” they murmured. I cocked an eyebrow but decided not to comment.

“Are you a first year as well?” I asked.

“Yeah – your accent, are you european as well?”

“German,” I replied. “You?”

“I’m from Romania,” they explained. “Any plans tonight?

Not until now,” I replied, pleasantly surprised they knew German.

Lucky me,” they murmured.

We continued talking in German, about Ravenhold; the teachers, classes, our housemates. Harley establish that they were aromantic, which made me blush. It had been … far too long since I had been with someone. Three drinks later and we left Lava Java. We found a grass blanket in a forested area near the beach.

“How well does your roommate sleep?” I interrupted them as they talked.

“Not that well,” they replied, a blush creeping on their face.

“That settles it then,” I murmured, leaning in closer and kissing them. Things quickly escalated as our tongues met and I ran my hands up their thigh, under their skirt. I heard their breathing hitch as my finger brushed their inner thigh. Our movements grew more aggressive as we began to lose clothing and took turns in pushing one another to the ground. It was hot, enjoyable, bruising, explosive and afterwards, peaceful. I didn’t have any nightmares. However when the sun invaded and forced me to wake up I was very aware it was temporary.


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