Dying Light Redux: Part V

Dying Light

Part V: Part of the Group

Once the procedure was over, I snuck back to the house. It was pretty late so the others were asleep.  I went back to my room where Ahti was sleeping. Thankfully their light snoring didn’t bother me.

That night, my dreams didn’t come to haunt me. Not my father, not the fire, not the drowning, not even the things I’d done… When the alarm woke me up, I felt like I’d only lied down for a few minutes. I wanted to just curl up and go back to sleep but I knew I couldn’t, so I got up. After everything that had happened the day before where I hadn’t washed up, I smelled horrible so I resigned myself to take a shower.

I hate water. I can’t stand it or the memory it always bring back. One I’d rather just forget. When I came out, I was shaking. And it wasn’t just from the nerve damage… I bit my hand hard until the memories went away, replaced by pain. Physical pain I could manage, it was easier to handle.

“Hey Jaime.” Caroline said when I walked out of the shower room. “Want a muffin? I got Bananas and blueberries, fresh out of the oven.”

“Sure. Either’s fine.”

She gave one to me and I found a quiet spot to sit down. I wasn’t a fan of muffins but it was best to accept it. I didn’t want to risk angering her, I’d already made an enemy with Rowan.

After I ate the muffin, it was time to go to the first class of the day which was physical training. It was nothing short of pure agony. During my capture, in addition to the hits I’d taken; I’d also fallen down from the roof of a building. I’d been lucky enough to avoid spinal injuries, but my legs had taken the brunt of it. Now they were little more than scraps of bones held together by metal rods and screws.

Every exercise hurt like hell, but I persevered through it. I couldn’t show weakness, if the others knew they’d take advantage of me… That’s how it works; doesn’t matter ‘good’ people try to make themselves seem like the moment they have an advantage over you, they’ll just use you for whatever they wanted. My mom had been like that, when she was gone it had been my Dad’s turn to use me as he saw fit… Then after the fire it had been my fosters… Columbia was just the last one who had the chance to use me. I didn’t quite get what she got out of this; probably some entertainment or the satisfaction she was a good person, didn’t matter really.

In the end, I made it through the training without breaking down. Everything hurt and I wanted to crawl into a corner and die, but at least I’d been strong enough to get through. Even though I was filthy once more, I didn’t bother to wash up, I wasn’t going to shower twice in one day.

Next class was practically next door. And finally it was something that didn’t want to make me wreck this damn school to pieces; Combat training. Our teacher was Birdman number 2 or the Rook as he called himself.

One by one he got the others to fight him, who then proceeded to get their asses beat up. For wannabe heroes, they were all pretty damned weak and pathetic. They had no idea what they were doing.  I was the third to last to go. Just like everyone before me, I went to the middle of the mattressed part of the Dojo and got ready, taking in everything around me.

As soon as the fight started Birdman-2 tried to throw something at me, but I sent it back at him with just a thought. For good measure I ripped some of the mattresses off the floor and formed a protective shell around myself. Although it blocked what remained of my sight, I could easily keep track of the him by all of the gear he carried about.

He prepared himself for another offensive but I stopped that before it even began; With a flick of my wrist, I telekinetically ripped his staff out of his hands. Another flick and I grabbed the weapon belt and the harness he had attached to him with my powers and pulled strong enough for it to snap, with the added benefit of sending him tumbling.

This guy might have been a threat to others, but his reliance on equipment was his downfall against me. The only reason Columbia had even managed to beat me was because she herself was super strong and she hadn’t thought twice about removing her clothes to deny my the ability to sense her. I didn’t give him the chance to do the same; I took hold of whatever I could find; mattresses, dummies and whatnot and bombarded him with them. To his credit he was good at dodging, but there was too many for him to keep a perfect record. One of the dummies hit him in the leg and he tripped.

“Alright. Stop.” He said, getting up on his feet again and raising his hand. “I concede this round to you.”

I shrugged and went back to the others, sitting down on a bench. Truth be told, it had been a disappointing fight. Yet, I could feel my heart beating out of whack and my head getting light. My hands shook again so I balled them into fists trying to make them stop.

“That was awesome.” One of the guys said, considering he wasn’t British or fucking Mace, it had to be Tyler. I just shrugged.

“Are you alright?” This time it was Mace.

“Just fine.” I grumbled.

Thankfully the class ended soon after and it was lunch time. Rather than ask for help, I went for Tacos again. They were decent enough I didn’t mind eating them twice in two days. And after prison food, I could’ve eaten anything really… I got my food and took a few steps away when someone came toward me.

“Want to sit with us? We’ve got our own table now. I’m Tyler by the way.”

I just shrugged. “Jaime.” I followed him to the table where everyone was located. Rowan was there but I sat far away from them. With their lack of clothes and my shit eyesight, I couldn’t tell anything about what they were doing but they seemed content ignoring me.

Guess I was now ‘part’ of the group. Having seen me fight, they probably wanted to get on my good graces. It was a start…

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