Sky’s The Limit: Part VII

Sky’s The Limit

Part VII: Hitting the Limit, Hard

“Hi Dúlla,” Papa said, the smile evident from his tone. “How’s America treating you?”

“It’s going well. Made some friends already. Although they all have practical powers for fighting and stuff…” I trailed off.

“Ravenhold wouldn’t have accepted you if they didn’t think there was something worthy in you,” he said. He was well aware of how much I doubted myself.

“It’s very sunny here,” I said, letting out a half-laugh.

“You know the winter months here. Our sunshine went off to America,” he responded. I laughed, shaking my head.

“I’m sure you’ll survive without me,” I murmured, looking outside at the sun splayed over the grass and patio outside.

“Are you sleeping okay?” he asked.

“Yeah. I was worried about my roommate but he’s not that bad. I just think he needs someone to help him learn stuff,” I explained.

“Are you volunteering then?” he asked.

“Not yet. I’ll see if he can figure it out for himself first,” I said.

“Well good luck to him,” he said. I contemplated mentioning why he didn’t deserve that much luck, but thought that might be petty. Allen and my father would probably never meet anyway. I heard Mamas voice on the line and dad relinquished control of the phone to her.

“How are you? Are you eating okay? Are classes going well? No one is bullying are they? Do they have gender neutral facilities?” I leaned back, rolling my eyes as Mama kept gushing questions. I waited another minute before cutting her off.

“Everything’s fine Mama,” I promised. I glanced at the door seeing activity and saw Allison glancing in. “I’ll call again tonight but I need to go now. I love you both,” I said. Mama gushed some more and I said a few okays and more I promises’ before I was finally able to hang up. Allison hesitated before walking in.

“Good morning,” they said with a smile, joining me on the sofa and putting their coffee on the small table.

“Hey. Late sleeper?” I asked putting my phone in my bag. People usually said my dad’s power helped them with sleeping issues and I wondered if it was the same for me.

“Not usually, my fibro usually kills me awake early,” they replied.

“Ouch, that has to suck. How are you right now, not too much pain?” I asked.

“I’m alright, I’m surprised you know what that is.”

“I do volunteer work at my Mama’s clinic, I’m not really supposed to say, but there’s a client who also has it.” He came to the surgery often to get prescriptions refilled and it was one of the odd jobs the girls on the reception desk would let me help with. Allison nodded, looking relieved.

“I’m disabled too; Narcolepsy,” I added. Invisible disabilities sucked but at least I knew someone here would understand.

“That explains what happened. You really got Ahti really worried, you know. They were spying on you.” they said.

“Really? Wow…” I murmured

“Did you hurt yourself?”

“Just some minor bruising, I’ll be alright.”

“Ahti will be happy to hear that. They wanted you to see a doctor.”

“They’re really that scared?” I asked, eyes widening. I was torn between wanting to find and reassure them straight away and wanting to stay next to Allison.

“Well, Itharii are actually a lot less enduring than humans, what is just a minor injury for us is far more dangerous to them, they also heal much more slowly. I’m not sure Ahti knows that we’re tougher than them.” I nodded at their explanation.

“You know a lot about Itharii,” I half-laughed. I shouldn’t be surprised they were smart, it just made me feel more and more that I was out of their league though.

“Yeah, my little brother’s in love with them, they’re one of his special interests and he loves to info-dump every bit of trivia he knows. It’s really cute and informative,” they said, smiling softly to themselves.

“You have a brother? What’s his name?” I asked, shifting so I was sitting sideways and looking at them.

“Tyrone Chasdiel Walker, he’s eleven,” they said.

“That’s quite the name,” I chuckled.

“Well, my full name is actually Allison Avital Walker, mom wanted us to have Hebrew names too.”

“Ah, I’m just plain old Sage. So, do you have any other siblings?”

“No, just the two of us. What about you?”

“No, I’m a single child.”

“That’s a shame, you’re missing out on the totally awesome experience of having your little sib steal your stuff and then making you to be the bad one when they tell on your parents because you won’t share.” The sarcasm in their voice made me laugh more.

“Such a shame,” I replied, matching their tone.

“Maybe I can lend him to you for a week,” Allison joked.

“Nope, I’ll pass,” I said, holding up both hands.

“Aww, shucks.” they said faking an adorable pout.

“Mama told me when I was seven I had asked for a younger brother or sister, but they didn’t want to risk drawing more attention since we would all have powers. They’re very private about their abilities,” I explained.

“Ah, that makes sense,” they said, subconsciously turning so they were facing me sideways as well.

“It’s part of why I changed my surname, as well to get away from the traditional way surnames are done in Iceland,” I added. They gave me a blank look so I spoke more. “In Iceland the population is so low so rather than having family names surnames are literally ‘daughter of’ or ‘son of’ father’s first name, or the mother’s first name if it’s a single mother.”

“Oh, yeah, I can see how that could be awkward,” they murmured, eyebrow furrowing.

“The population is so low there’s a dating app that can check if you’re related to anyone else,” I added, laughing. “Not that I’ve really done any of that,” I shrugged without thinking. I immediately regretted it. I didn’t want them to think I was in some way broken because I’d never had a romantic partner. They chewed their lip and I wondered if they wanted to talk to me about their own experiences, then my phone alarm went off.

“Shoot, we need to head to class soon,” I muttered, really hating the interruption.

“Let’s go then,” Allison said, standing up swiftly as if eager to leave. Had I said something wrong? I shook my head and followed them. I ran to my room to get my bag and they did the same. Homeroom went by easily enough and then lunchtime rolled by. Allen looked distracted the whole way through both and I wondered what was bothering him. It was none of my business though so I left him alone.

“Uh oh,” Allison whispered as we started eating. I blinked and looked up. A man dressed in dark and grey clothing in what looked like a hero costume was stood before us. He took his time looking at Jaeger, Allen and me, and then Allison for some reason. We followed him to an area outside. I hovered back with Allison.

“I don’t know how to fight,” I whispered, gripping their hand in mine.

“It’s okay, he doesn’t expect you to know,” they replied, squeezing my hand. It didn’t help me feel better, especially as he completed wiped the floor with Allen. Allison was at least amused watching him get what I suspected most of us felt he deserved to some extent. After Allen scrapped what dignity he had left and yielded the Rook’s attention moved to me.

“Here.” I blinked as Charlie handed me her utility belt.

“Thanks,” I said, wrapping it around my waist. I picked a bad day to wear a skirt without leggings. I did not look forward to flashing my panties at everyone. I did a quick check of the items in the belt. I wasn’t about to try using the birdarangs. I was likely to cut off a limb. I noted the other items and looked up as the Rook grabbed his staff from the tree.

“I can’t fight,” I pre-warned. I got the feeling he had already sensed that much about me though. Allen’s guns blazing approach had failed so I wasn’t going to copy that. I tiptoed closer and apparently that was all he needed. He moved so fast I barely had time to grab the pepper spray and get him. He ducked, avoiding it. I ran back, unknowingly tripping over his staff.

“Ow,” I muttered. I heard the air whoosh and shifted to the side to avoid a blow to the shoulder. Shit this guy meant business. I gritted my teeth and read his surface thoughts. It was difficult without physical touch though and I felt bad using my ability. I avoided a blow the moment it passed through his mind. I snuck past him, dropping a flashbang. I ran forward, squeezing my eyes shut. I heard something go off and opened my eyes – in time to see his staff descend around my neck and yank. I yelped as he added more pressure.

“Yield,” he pushed. I just had enough air to utter the word if I wanted to. I tried to wiggle free but it wasn’t working. I was going to have one painful bruise when this was over.

“Hey, stop it you’re straggling them!” Allison yelled, yanking the staff out of the Rooks hand, and releasing me. I fell gasping to the floor. Air had never felt sweet going down my sore throat before. He frowned at Allison as they glared. Their chest moved up and down with their visible anger.

“Two versus one. I’ve had worse odds,” he said, making us both blink. He took his staff back and stepped a few metres away. Allison lipped their lips nervously before helping me stand. I thought I only had to do one round of this?


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