Sky’s The Limit: Part IV

Sky’s the Limit

Part IV: Talking of Home

The classroom felt tense as I sat back down next to Allison. Allen was well aware by this point that everyone was shooting him side glances.

“What’s Jaeger like then?” Allison asked.

“He seemed nice, although kind of guarded. Although I guess that’s understandable. He’s in a whole other country,” I replied.

“Well, if you ever get homesick and need to talk I’m happy to help,” they said, smiling softly. I fought yet another blush around them, and diverted my attention to the tablet before remembering I’d already done the quiz. They were far too kind on top of being cute. I could only assume they had a partner waiting back home or something. Mr Martin and Jaeger returned and I was called. I took the seat next to the desk, briefly wondering why both Allen and Jaeger had been taken outside but I was kept here. I could understand Allen but why did Jaeger need the extra privacy?

“You’ve already seen our on-site doctor and she’s left a lot of helpful notes. Just let me know if you’re feeling excessively tired. Thanks to the tablets we’re able to let students work from their dorm if it’s needed. You would need to meet me briefly if it was for a long period just so I can make sure you’re not getting lost or confused anywhere, although it looks like you’re up to date with your studies.” I nodded as he spoke, already knowing how inclusive the academy was to those with disadvantages. It was a relief to hear spoken though. One of my previous schools had been less okay with the amount of time off I took. They made things very difficult for my parents.

“Thank you,” I replied, “Is there anything else?” I asked.

“Only if you have anything you want to discuss. Feel free to come to me at any time if you’re running into any problems,” he said, his eyes briefly looking at Allen. I guess Mr Martin was aware of our rooming arrangements then. After that the bell rang and we left the classroom. I stuck to Allison’s side.

“Hey, can you give me directions to the administration building?” I overheard Jaeger ask Charlie. I immediately jumped on my tippy toes and bounded over, grabbing Allison’s hand without thinking to pull them with me.

“Oh, Me too, me too.” I quickly realised I was holding Allison’s hand and let go. Hopefully they didn’t notice anything or mind. Charlie began explaining when Allison interrupted.

“I’ll show you both,” they offered. I saw Jaeger studying Allison, was he unsure of their gender? He stopped Allen earlier but I wasn’t sure how knowledgeable he actually was. Caroline and  Allison introduced themselves before she and Charlie went their separate ways. I saw the quick understanding in Jaeger face when Allison specified their pronouns.

“You’re Jaeger, right? Well done on dealing with that Allen guy by the way,” Allison said with a slight nod of respect.

“It’s nothing, I would’ve called out anyone using those sort of terms,” he shrugged. We had already started walking so were away from the others. Even so Jaeger checked our surroundings before adding, “I’m trans.” I stared at him for a moment, my lips parted before letting an involuntary sound.

“I am so happy to be around so many trans people, seriously. There was like no one back home,” I explained, struggling to contain my excitement.

“I didn’t know any other trans people where I’m from either,” Jaeger said. It sounded like he wanted to add something else. I had thought Germany was one of the better countries with LGBT people in Europe.

“So where is this place?” Jaeger asked.

“Follow me, it’s not too far and-” Allison began.

“Erm, are you going to the administration building?” Allen asked, surprising all of us. We all looked at each other, I didn’t really want to be around him but I knew I would have to get used to it.

“Sure,” Allison said. We didn’t hang around and just started walking, leaving Jaeger and Allen to walk behind us.

“So, what’s Iceland like?” Allison asked, surprising me.

“Erm, Dark. It’s so bright here, my eyes kind of hurt,” I laughed. “ We have sun boxes but they don’t really compare.”

“Your family must miss you,” they said.

“I know my mum would’ve cried after I left, but my dad knows how to help her through stuff. I think neither of them expected me to be so serious about the hero thing when I was younger,” I laughed nervously.

“Why Ravenhold? Do Europe not have schools?” they asked.

“They do, but only the very rich can afford them. My best shot was applying here, not to mention the history behind this place,” I replied. “The cheapest school in Europe is also in Russia. Not exactly the best place for a trans person…”

“Ah,” Allison murmured. “Well, I’m glad you’re here,” they said. I felt my cheeks burn and focussed on the path ahead. They really had a very pretty smile. We talked some more before reaching the building. I smiled for my picture and waiting for Jaeger. I could feel the past few days catching up on me as I struggled to stay awake. Allen told us not to worry about waiting for him to we went ahead to the dorm. Which apparently had a surprise welcome party waiting for us inside.

“Oh gosh,” I mumbled as Caroline yelled. She quickly handed out delicious cake. Jaeger apparently agreed based on how quickly it disappeared.

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