White-Out: Part II


Part II: Some Relief

Being here sure was tiring. My other form was pushed to its limit and clearly had no effect on my current one. There probably weren’t that many options for me to begin with. It didn’t bother me that much. I found that I could stay as my other self a bit longer every time I’d transform into it. There was a certain presence that would force its way into my head whenever this happened, but it remained dormant for the most part. I remember that when I was before, it easily overpowered my own will and forced me to to take someone’s life. I instantly felt sick from thinking about it.

I also found that I was growing negligent over my current form. My other one oddly reminded me of that mutant who went by the name of Rowan. I wondered if the same material had been discovered wherever they’d come from or if the others here had been exposed to it. Several others here did send a chill down my spine. The one that had my attention was Annabelle. She was a little withdrawn and seemingly innocent enough, but something about her had me on edge. I decided not to focus on this after she showed genuine concern for my well-being.

I may have stared at her for a little too long after she’d asked me, though. Or, that could have just been in my head, I’m not sure. Everyone here seemed so kind. I’m sure that mistake from earlier was an accident as I could tell Jaime wasn’t really sure what she was looking it. Still, I’d seen worse ignorance where I was before.

I was currently fixated on repairing a pair of headphones that played only though the left side. The wires were a little beyond what I could do with what materials I had, though. I couldn’t do any more with it tonight and set everything away.

I felt a little uneasy as I went out into the room where we all were before. Annabelle was outside talking to someone, but I didn’t know where the others were. I found I wasn’t really hungry and was about to go back into the room until I saw Rowan sleeping on the floor, curled up like a cat. I wondered why they slept here and not in their room.

Getting over to them was a little tiring as my arms had clearly wanted to just rest already. They heard me when I got close enough and seemed a little dazed for a moment.

“Oh, it’s already night?” They stretched out before standing up.

“Seems like it.” I replied, trying not to seem too interested in what they were doing.

“Right…later, then.”

“Wait, I need to ask you something.”

“No, you can’t pet me.”

“It wasn’t that, besides I don’t think you’d let me, anyway.” I laughed nervously.

“What do you want?”

“I just would like to know if you knew anything about the Black Blood. You see, my other form was a result of a altered variation of it.”

They seemed deep in thought for a moment.

“I don’t know that much about it. There were only rumours here and there about what was really going on. What ever had attacked me back then could’ve been something that had been infected with the stuff, but I’m not really sure.”

“Hmm…” I looked at the ground and tried to make sense of it.

“Maybe ask the other one about it.”

“The other one?”

“Yeah, I didn’t really catch her name. Also had yellow eyes. Haven’t seen her around much, though. She definitely has the Black Blood as far as I can tell.”

“Are we supposed to be able to sense each other, or something?”

“Are you saying you can’t?”

“Not like this, no…”

“Ah, well…at least you can choose when you want others to fear you.” Their voice sounded rather bitter.

“It’s not that simple.”

“Whatever you say. I’m going back to sleep before I get cranky.” They took another look at me before going into one of the other rooms nearby.

I watched them leave. They’d obviously been through more than I could imagine. Probably everyone here had gone through something or another. I went back into my assigned room and tried to go back to sleep. It didn’t come and I ended up getting no rest that night. I was exhausted and didn’t boast the kindest mood when the others saw me.

“Got no sleep, huh?” Rowan said from behind me. I didn’t know that they were standing there.

“None at all. I feel terrible.”

“Ah, well that sucks. You might want to bother that other one before she disappears again.”

“Alright…” I mumbled.

“Good luck.”

I searched everywhere while the others ate and talked amongst themselves. I found her, but she was clearly about to go outside. Going over to her, my arms were begging for me to stop moving. She almost went out the door until I spoke up.


The look in her eyes was cold and I felt uncomfortable having her gaze on me.


“Um, I just want to ask you a few things if that’s alright?”

“I have places to be. Maybe some other time.” She glanced outside.

“Oh, alright…” I frowned.

Yikaru took one more look at me before going outside. I sat there feeling defeated until she came back inside, shivering noticeably. She was clearly trying to hide that she was in pain. She gave me an embarrassed look when she noticed me staring.

“Are you okay? Is it really cold out, or something?”

“No…Yes…I don’t know.” She cringed.

“I have a warm jacket if you want to borrow it. There’s down lined inside of it.”

She seemed hesitant.

“It’s nice and warm. I’ll go get it…”

“I’ll come with you. It’s clear I can’t be outside in that climate otherwise.”

I gave a faint smile. She followed me to the room and watched as I looked through my things. I found it neatly folded up where I’d left it.

“You keep things in order.” She stated blankly.

“Yes, so I can find them easier of course.”

“Must be nice. Seems I can’t do such a thing without it being disturbed.”

“Yeah your roommate seems sorta…abrasive?”

“You have no idea. Seriously, who uses up all the ink in someone else’s pen? It’s like it’s some kind of joke to her. I do hope yours is a little better.”

“Yes, she is. She doesn’t really talk much, though.”

“Ah.” She seemed deep in thought.

“Anyway, you can borrow this as long as you want to.” I held the jacket out to her.

Again, she seemed hesitant.

“Come on. I don’t want you to freeze out there.”

“Alright, fine.” Yikaru accepted my gesture and put the jacket on.

“Looks nice on you.” I smiled again.

“Right. I really have to get going, though. I’ll answer your questions later. Thank you, Yougen.” She nodded before walking out.

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