Adventure: Part X

Adventure of a Lifetime

Part X: Welcoming

Charlie and I got to the dorm and started baking. Well, I baked and she acted as my minion, although I gave her some responsibilities as we didn’t have a whole lot of time before the others would be home.

I didn’t go for anything complicated; just a two layer spongecake with cream and jam raspberry filling, a white chocolate icing on top and some fresh raspberries.

After a few minutes, I got Sanjay, Ahti, Mace and Yougen volunteering to help me make four types of sandwiches for the welcome party; egg, tuna, ham and tomato grilled cheese for dinner. Once they were done, I had them set everything up outside; it was a beautiful day after all.

I was just finishing icing the cake when Charlie spoke up.

“Guys! They’re coming!” She said. With that, everyone else took position to welcome the new guys.

A moment later, Jaeger, Sage and Allison came through the door, I couldn’t help but notice that Allen was absent but I didn’t ask why.

“Welcome to the team!” I yelled, probably a little too loudly. Their eyes turned toward me and then to the cake.

“Oh gosh.” Sage mumbled, clearly overwhelmed by the moment.

“Thanks,” Jaeger answered. He was more composed than Sage but I could see the hint of embarrassment on his cheeks. I gave both of them a plate of cake and Jaeger examined the Cake I’d made for a second before declaring; “Good cake choice.”

“Come outside and meet everyone. We had a power show off yesterday evening which you unfortunately weren’t here for but I’m sure some of the others are happy to do it again.” I told them. The others took the cue and moved outside.

“Okay,” Jaeger said, Sage nodded and they followed me to the back where everyone was waiting. The moment we went out the door I looked at Jaeger and found his cake plate already empty. The guy sure as hell was voracious. “Thanks for the cake.” He said.

“You’re welcome.” I said after a moment. He left and started to mingle with the others. Same for Sage who hung out with Allison, both of whom seemed happy to know another non-binary person.

The initial welcoming over, I got busy serving the rest of the cake to everyone else, keeping a piece for Allen which I stashed in the fridge. As I did, the first to demonstrate their powers went; Charlie showing off her staff wielding kung-fu, Amber proudly showed her sword, which was as big as she was yet her strength allowed her to wield it effortlessly. In keeping with the weapons theme, Mace showed his own sword.  

Once everyone had their share and Mace was done, I stepped forward toward the pool for my new demonstration.

I removed my shoes and tested the water with my toe, letting my power course through it. Under my feet, the water felt as hard as concrete and so I took the first step and then the second; Everyone shut up at the demonstration; I was walking on water.

I walked to the middle of the pool and called my power forth before sending it through the water. A giant serpent of water emerged from the pool’s water and I sat on it’s head. With a thought, it lifted me up in the air. With another mental command, I controlled the serpent construct and it went down, lowering it’s head until it laid flat on the ground next to Charlie. I gently hopped off and dismissed the construct, letting it slid back into the pool.

There was a moment of silence until I received a round of applause. I took a bow and sat down next to Charlie, my heart beating with excitement, I was on cloud nine.

“That was amazing…” She said, still stunned by my display. “You’re not even wet.”

“My power has its advantages.” I said.

“Although I can’t help but notice you’ve gotten a few shades paler.”

She was right, I could already feel the strain of my ability. As well received as my demo had been, it hadn’t been smart to do something complex when still recovering from the morning. Without having to be asked, Charlie got up and got me some cake and a box of juice. The sugar being a welcome pick-me up.

A few minutes later, I noticed that Allen had joined us, sitting in a chair apart from everyone. Maybe I’m just no good at reading expressions, but he did look sorry. Or maybe he was just brooding because we didn’t like him.

“Mind waiting for me for a minute?” I asked Charlie.

“Uh sure.” She said.

I got up and went into the house, going into our room, I opened my computer and looked something up before printing it up and folding it into a pamphlet. That done, I picked the piece of cake I’d saved for Allen before going out again. As I walked toward Allen, I noticed Charlie staring at me.

When I came in front of him, Allen seemed genuinely surprised someone was interacting with him.

“You get one more chance. Nothing more.” I said, putting the plate in front of him. “Oh and read this, you might learn something.” Along with the not being a dick to transgender folks 101 pamphlet, I gave him my best fake smile.

He opened his mouth as if to say something but I didn’t let him say whatever he wanted to, just going back to Charlie’s side.

“You went to see Allen?” She said, a brow raised.

“Someone had to.” I said with a shrug.

“So what, you’re giving him a chance?”

“Maybe I’m naive, but I’m just hoping that he’s just an idiot who doesn’t know any better and that if we just give him some help and a little time he’ll learn.”

“That’s optimistic.”

“I think most people are good and want to do right, but sometimes they need some help.”

“Well, if that doesn’t work, I know a way to keep him quiet.”

“Whatever you’re thinking, that’s not going to happen.” I said, severely.

“Fine, Allen’s off limit.”

Before we could even change subject, my phone buzzed and I took it out of my pocket. Seeing my mom text me for the 200th time that day.

> How are things going on your end?

They’re pretty swell. Having a party to welcome some new classmates <

> Sounds fun, say want to have dinner with me tonight?

“Who is it?” Charlie asked.

“My mom.”

“Is Mama bear checking up on her cub often?”

“Only about a few hundred times a day.”

“Good thing she’s not here, it’d be hard to have a party with her constantly watching.”

“Actually, she’s taking a vacation in town.”

“A ‘vacation’ uh? That sounds oddly suspicious.”

I shrugged. “Honestly, if it means she’s taking a few days off the farm, even if it’s so she can run to my rescue if she needs to, I don’t mind. Although she wants me to go have dinner with her like right now.”

“Do you wanna go?”

“I dunno, we’re kind of having a party here.”

“Well, we’re probably going to have a lot of those, but how often are you going to see your mom in the next few months?”

“I guess you’re right… Say, do you want to come with me?”

“You’re inviting me to have dinner with your mom?”

“Well, you invited me to have dinner with your dad earlier, and it’s probably going to be your only chance for a while.”

“Touché. In that case I’d love to meet your mom.”

Sure, but do you mind if I bring my friend Charlie? <

> Guess not, I can pick you up at the gate in fifteen minutes or so.

We’ll be there. <

“She’s coming.” I told Charlie. “She’ll be at the gate in a few minutes.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

With that, we snuck out of the party, nobody seemingly noticing our departure.

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