Generation: Part VIII

A new generation of Heroes

Part VIII: The New Faces

There was a fifteen minute break in between Ethics class and Homeroom and the two were only a little over a hundred feet away from each other so I took a quick bathroom break and skipped by the water fountain with Mace still following me like a puppy, although he had the decency to wait outside the bathroom. Something nice about Ravenhold; All facilities were gender neutral with very private stalls, so I didn’t have to pick.

Once all biological needs taken care of, Mace and I headed to class. Unlike last time, Mr. Martin was already there waiting for us along with some new faces.

“Class, I’d like you to meet your last two classmates: Mr. Allen Elster and Mx. Sage Skylar. I hope you’ll all get along as you’ll also be sharing accommodations from now on.” Mr. Martin announced, making a broad gesture to the two new students already sat down.

I examined the newbies; Allen was black just like me. He was tall and slim and wore his hair shaved down to a thin stubble.

Sage on the other hand, was someone I recognized; they were a little someone I’d met only a few ours ago, having helped them find their way to Doctor Sij’s office. My curiosity piqued, I walked toward them.

“Hey again.” I said. Their eyes fixed on me for a moment. “My name’s Allison.” I then added, sitting down and booting up my tablet,  much to Mace’s disappointment who gave me my book back and sat down a little further.  

“Sage.” they mumbled awkwardly.

“That’s such a cool name. I never bothered to pick a name myself.” I said, making them visibly blush. “Oh, sorry I assumed you picked it because Mr Martin used Mx and it’s not a name I’ve heard before.”

“Oh, no, I did pick it. I picked both my first name and surname.” They explained, their voice a little hesitant. They spoke in rather cute accent, I wasn’t sure what kind exactly, probably something nordic but it sounded so beautiful. Then again, they were pretty cute as a whole so it fit.

“Your accent’s so cute.” I said with a laugh, teasing them.

In answer they turned bright red and looked away until their gaze met their tablet.

“I should probably do quiz thing.” They said all frazzled.

“Oh, right, sorry.”

Rather than continue, I elected to leave them alone for the time being; I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. Instead I just focused on the day’s english lesson. English wasn’t my strong point; I tended to do better in math and sciences so the school work took all of my attention.

I was midway through the first page when a word caught my attention.


I felt my skin crawl and I looked at the one who’d said it; Allen, who was speaking to Jaeger. I looked at Sage and by their frown, I knew they’d heard it too. Sure, Genefreak was a slur used against human chimeras so it didn’t affect me directly, but the fact someone dared to say a slur at Ravenhold of all place shocked me.

“Some people really don’t know anything,” I muttered, trying to cool down. I hadn’t heard the rest of the conversation, maybe I’d just heard the word out of context…

“I have that in Iceland, but most people don’t use foul words. They just expect you to have all the answers.” Sage said with a sigh.

I laughed and shook my head in answer.

I’d met that type a lot; rather than just accept that I was non-binary and went by ‘they/them/their’ pronouns, they required me to do a whole exposé on my gender and the validity of singular they…

And then they typically asked me if I was ‘some sort of hermaphrodite’ or if that meant I had a dick down there…

“I know what you mean…” I murmured. Sage looked rather amused by my reaction.

But that didn’t last long, Allen had another word he decided to unleash.


The word was like a punch to the guts and made me cringe and I tensed up, my fists forming into balls. I couldn’t count the number of time I’d been called such…

“Jesus, are you trying to make people hate you?” I heard Jaeger reply, almost yelling.

“Why’s a douchebag like him in Ravenhold?” I asked myself.

“I never asked him what he could do.” Sage replied.

Rather than apologize, Allen started ranting to Jaeger about the evil of saying Jesus’ name in vain. I was about to get up and give him a piece of my mind, along with my fist to their stupid face, when Mr. Martin spoke up.

“Allen, are you finished?” He said harshly. Allen rushed to his tablet for a second before nodding. That done, Mr. Martin took him outside, hopefully to beat some sense into the guy, and closed the door behind them.

“What the hell was that?” Charlie asked, looking positively furious. I noticed that she held her stylus as if she was about to stab someone…

“I’m sure there’s an explanation.” Caroline said in a calm manner, seemingly trying to defuse the situation.

“Well, if it happens again I propose group intervention.” Charlie said. If by intervention she meant kicking out a bigot’s teeth, I was really looking forward to it.

“Who are those two?” Sage asked, nodding toward the pair.

“Charlie and Caroline.” I answered before pointing out which was which. Sage took a moment to scan the room and I made sure to tell them everyone’s names and that Ahti and Rowan also went by ‘they.’ Giving a who’s who was a welcome distraction from Allen’s jackassery.

“Be right back.” Sage said, before getting up.

They walked to ward Jaeger and sat down beside him before starting to talk in a hushed voice.

“You seem to like the new person.” Mace said, coming toward me and sitting down.

“Getting jealous?” I asked teasingly.

“I… uh…” Was all he mumbled in answer.

“Don’t get clingy on me, Mace. I like you but you don’t own me.”

He looked uncomfortable for a moment before he just went back to his seat quietly.

A few minutes later, Allen came back into the room, saw that his seat was taken and looked around for another seat, finding the one beside me as the only available one. He took one step forward and I glared at him, strongly enough that he stopped dead in his track.

A moment later, Sage got up and came back to sit beside me, doing their best not to look at Allen. Who in turn stared at them but thankfully didn’t say anything.

I had a feeling Allen was going to be trouble.

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