Adventure: Part VI

Adventure of a Lifetime

Part VI: Power Party

With Charlie’s help, I set up everything the buffet for our little party needed, the others gave us some small help; Mace and Tyler did some dishes, Annabelle and Amber set up the outside area with some folding furniture from the storeroom.

Out of the thirteen of us present, two were absent: Jaime had declined joining us; she was probably still embarrassed from whatever argument had happened the previous night, Yikaru was also MIA, but because we hadn’t seen her all afternoon. She’d just sort of disappeared after class had ended.

Once everything was set, we got together, having to wait a few minutes for Allison and Sanjay who were lagging behind. In the meantime, we mingled, Charlie and I sitting on the patio chair that were provided.

Soon enough everyone was there and we got started. Just like that time at CapeCon, the others and I showcased our abilities.

Charlie started, taking a pair of birdarangs, giving us some technical talk before throwing them up in a diagonally. Just as advertised they arced around perfectly and she caught them without even having to move.

“Woah, that was amazing.” I said. “Uh… My turn I guess? I’m honestly not sure why they picked me, I’m not that great.” I then added.

I sent my power into the pool, lifted an arm and it floated up as I commanded it to. What I hadn’t wanted to do was lift Ahti along with it…

They wrapped themselves in some sort of force field and floated down before touching down. At some point they’d stripped down and slipped into the pool.

And now they stood completely naked in the middle of us, not seemingly bothered by it in the least.

“I was swimming.” Ahti said looking at me.

“Opps. Sorry… Wait, why are you naked?”

“I was swimming?” Ahti answered, looking at me like I’d said something odd.

“Don’t you have a swimsuit?”

“A swim what?”

“Swimsuit.” Ahti just sort of stated for a second as if they were trying to figure out what in God’s holy name I was talking about. “Clothes you wear to swim in?” I clarified.

“Why would you wear clothes to swim? They’re going to be wet.”

“Well, it’s really awkward having you buck ass naked.”

Ahti shrugged and went to get their pants, muttering something I couldn’t hear even if I saw their mouth move. I felt a little awkward for a moment but thankfully someone took over, Allison demonstrating their very impressive fire-like transformation.

The others had their turns and I made a note of their abilities: Mace had a weird sword that could shoot fire, Tyler was an Orion, which surprised me. Orions were THE prototypical flying brick; Super strong, invulnerable, could fly and shoot fiery bolts. The previous Orions had been world-class heroes… And now Tyler was one. I had two world-class legacies in my class!

The others continued although after an Orion, they were slightly less impressive. Amber was strong. Annabelle did lots of stuff, which I didn’t quite get the connection. Yougen could transform, gain a whole lot mass, claws and horns.

Sanjay had a high tech armor, okay he didn’t have it then, but he had pictures and a sales pitch; own the new Naraka armor for only 1’999’999 plus shipping and handling, batteries not included.

Up last was Rowan, who was also super strong and could easily rip someone open with their claws. All and all, we had strong people on our team… Our team could be a real danger out there… All of them except me.

The words a boy from my hometown came back to my ears.

You couldn’t even be a real girl and now you can’t even be a real cape. What are you gonna do, water hose me?

The memory was like a punch in the gut. As the party returned to normal, I slipped away and went back into the kitchen. I went to the faucet and opened it, filling a glass with water before putting it down.

I didn’t have to do anything to make it move, it floated up in the air without much effort on my part. I touched the sphere with my finger and it hardened on contact, even though it didn’t turn to ice. Instead it had just changed consistency.

I focused again and my finger went through, the water giving me its usual resistance.

That was all I could do; make water float and make it change consistency…

My brooding was interrupted by Charlie.

“Are you alright?”  She said. Startling me, breaking my concentration and causing the water to drop down. “Because you really don’t look like it…”

“I don’t know…” Was all I said before taking a towel from the rack and using it to sponge off the water.

“What’s wrong?” She said, coming right by my side.


“Caroline…” She pleaded me.

“It’s just I was really excited to see everyone’s powers but now I realize that everyone’s better than I am.”

“Hey, don’t say that.”

“It’s true; Everyone else had a useful power while all I can do is make people wet… I’m a glorified human carwash.”

“That’s not true, you lifted the pool’s water effortlessly, probably a hundred ton of water. And water’s not harmless; ever seen a water cannon? Heck they use water jets to cut through steel like it’s nothing.”

“I guess so, but I can’t create it. How likely is it we’re going to fight by the beach or next to a pool?”

“There’s water everywhere; in cars, in plumbing, in the air itself. All you have to do is find it.”

“But I can’t, I need to know where water is to manipulate it. I’m just useless.”

“Don’t talk to yourself like that.” Her hand found mine and she gently intertwined her fingers with me. I didn’t resist and instead looked back at her. “Do you trust me?”

The question shut me up. Did I trust her? We’d only known each other for less than a day… But the way she looked at me convinced me.

“Yeah, I do.” I answered, the words feeling heavy in my throat.

“Close your eyes. Listen to my voice.” She instructed. I was about to question her but just as I was about to open my mouth decided not to. I had said that I’d trust her. I closed my eyes and she took my others hand. I couldn’t help but squeeze it.

“Just clear your head, breathe in… breathe out… don’t try to think about nothing, just ignore the thoughts as they come.” She said calmly.

I did as she said as best I could, just focusing on the breathing.

“Now, Concentrate on the feeling you have when you call your powers.”

“Okay…” I muttered.

Whenever I saw water, I could feel a tingle in my head, almost as if it was calling to me. It was hard to describe but unforgettable.

“Now, focus on water. Can you find the towel?”

I focused my thought on the towel, I’d put it down only a feet or so to my left. I maintained the image in my mind until I started feeling the tingle of my power coming from that direction.

“I can.” I whispered in shock.

“Now, concentrate on how it feel, on the sensation of water in it.”

I focused again on the tingle, tried to analyze it and a shape started drawing in my mind; that of a crumbled up cloth, I could feel the liquid soaking it…


“Let go of the towel, but not the feeling. Look for it elsewhere, push your mind as far as you can.”

I tried but lost the feeling. I was about to give up but she gave me hands a little squeeze so I tried again, clenching my hands firmly against hers. The second time, I held the feeling just a little further before losing it. I tried again and that’s when I found it; the tingle calling out to me, moving under our feet and around us.

“I can feel it.” I gasped. “Underneath us, in the floor, going from the sink to the boiler…  It’s amazing…”  I opened my eyes and saw Charlie’s colorful smile waiting for me. “That’s never happened before!”

“Congrats. Not so useless after all.”

I reached out again and found the water under the floorboard much more easily.

“How did you know it would work?”

“I saw my dad the same to a student once when he took me here because my sitter was MIA. I figured I’d try. A lot of the things mutant can or can’t do is based on mental blocks. You couldn’t do it because you thought you couldn’t.”

I kind of wanted to cry or hit myself at that moment. I had been so dumb, not knowing how to do that, needing a mundane girl to teach me… Instead I gave Charlie a hug, squeezing as strong as I could.

“Thank you so much, you’re amazing.” I said, my eyes a little watery.

“You’re welcome Caroline.”

I let go and couldn’t help but smile back at her. I took her hand and for a moment she looked a little uncomfortable.

I was about to ask when Mace spoke.

“You guys are missing the party.” He said. “I wasn’t interrupting anything, now was I?”

“No, we were done.”

I let go of Charlie and joined the others, the demonstrations were over but people were still hanging around.

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