Threat Report: The Syndicate

The Syndicate

Worldwide Criminal Organisation

In the face of parahuman crime, mundane organized crime reorganized itself, absorbing gangs, mafia and other criminal families into one massive criminal empire. Although lacking much parahuman powers, the Syndicate survive with superior numbers, organization and supplies. What we understand of the Syndicate so far is compiled below.

The structure

Each continent has a General who oversea all operations and he/she/they assign a lieutenant general to overlook each individual country. Each region of that country has it’s own major general. The top three ranks can only be held by normal humans with any rank below that being held by anyone regardless of distinguishing factors.

Each General answers to the general above it with the major generals overlooking operations within their region with their own first and second lieutenants to assist. The top tier generals all work together to ensure the smooth running of the Syndicate. The Syndicate is very strict that no one person has complete control of the Syndicate itself.


The Syndicate does not discriminate on the grounds of age, sexuality, gender, ethnicity or gender identity as a whole although regional generals are allowed to command their units as they see fit at their own discretion.


The Syndicate has operatives everywhere and are involved in all illegal trades as far as we are aware, using parahumans and aliens to protect their property. These include but are not limited to:

  • Illegal trafficking of sentient beings – including chimeras and aliens
  • Counterfeiting
  • Arms and other weaponry dealing
  • Drugs – including Dust
  • Cargo theft
  • Assassination
  • Porn industry
  • Rare and exotic items theft
  • Forging of illegal documents


Due to their reach and ability to cover their tracks, it has proven difficult to lock away any of those suspected of being involved with the Syndicate but we have reason to believe the following six individuals are the current generals of the Syndicate.

Continent General: Africa

Name: Amon Ntawulikura, Age: 52, Gender: Male, Ethnicity: Black (Rwandan)

Background: The Ntawulikura family have always been involved in organised crime in Rwanda and it’s suspected they were heavily involved in the Rwandan genocide. Amon is currently advisor to the president of Rwanda.

Continent General: Asia

Name: Khidyr Chinbat, Age: 39, Gender: Male, Ethnicity: Asian (Mongol)

Background: Khidyr came from a middle-class background and grew up in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. He displayed stereotypical signs of sociopathy in early childhood and spent some time in delinquent centres. We believe it was at seventeen he got involved with the Syndicate but no evidence from this point on has been found on just what activities he did for them. He now has shares in multiple industries throughout Asia and his wife comes from a known branch family of the Shigeo-Kai.

Continent General: Australia/Oceania

Name: Deirdre Callaghan, Age: 38, Gender: Female, Ethnicity: White (Irish descent)

Background: Deirdre has ties with the conservative party of Australia and has shares in various banks. It’s believed she bought her way into the Syndicate operation for her own ambitions and moved through the higher ranks quickly.

Continent General: Europe

Name: Gregor Gustke, Age: 44, Gender: Male, Ethnicity: White (German)

Background: The Gustke family have ties with the Syndicate going back multiple generations and intel that Gregor Gustke is the current head of European operations has been received, although not enough to act on. His younger brother mysteriously disappeared four years ago after his wife OD’d and their daughter was transferred to Gregor’s care.

Continent General: North America

Name: Ethan Campbell, Age: 35, Gender: Male, Ethnicity: White (American)

Background: Ethan excelled in life, backed by rich parents and good social ties. He has shares in many well-known market chains and most know him only as a good natured guy who donates to multiple causes; including Myrmidon academy. There are sources that indicate it’s through this connection the Syndicate are able to find the more emotionally damaged individuals sent to this academy and recruit them.

Continent General: South America

Name: Mia Pedroza, Age: 41, Gender: Female, Ethnicity: Latina (Mexican)

Background: Mia started out as a actress and made her millions. When she turned thirty she decided to retire from her successful acting career. The media quickly lost interest in following her. She married the now deceased Miguel Pierre and inherited many things from his passing, including his Syndicate ties.


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