Adventure: Part III

Adventure of a Lifetime

Part III: Rising Sun

I woke up early and dragged my butt out of bed. Normally I would have gone out and collected the eggs from the chicken coop but since I wasn’t at home it left me with not a whole lot to do. So I skipped directly over to the showers.

It was early enough that nobody was awake yet so I was all alone. I lingered in the shower for a while before getting dressed. With the weather outside being pretty nice according to the weather report, I put one of my favorite dress; It was a simple white tiered dress that stopped just a little above my knee. Since I didn’t put on tights or leggings, it left my prosthesis visible.

I debated for a moment over wearing my pride string bracelets. Even though I was out and proud at home, largely by lack of choice, here I had the option to be in stealth and come out on my own terms…After an agonizingly long time, I decided to put my bracelets on. I had two of them; one for asexuality and another for being trans. After years of not feeling right and thinking I might be broken; as everyone but me seemingly developing crushes and falling in love, I’d learned about being ace online and it had been like everything clicked.

Now dressed, I went into the kitchen and started making breakfast for myself and everyone. Doing something made me feel useful and filled the few hours between then and the start of classes. The Kitchen was actually more like a professional kitchen than a home kitchen, which was understandable considering it had to handle up to sixteen people. It had a massive double door fridge with a separate freezer, a six burner gas stove, a flat top and top of the line appliances like mixers, blenders, deep fat fryers as well as utensils and hand tools to match.

Long story short; I was in heaven.

With the amount of people to feed, I decided to skip the complex stuff and instead make a metric ton of bacon and home fries. All I’d have to do was cook eggs and toasts to order. As the potatoes cooked, I took out my phone and dialed my mom’s number. It might have been early but the advantage of having a mom who literally didn’t sleep was that she was always there when I needed her.

“Good morning sweetheart.” She answered, jovial as always. Although phone conversation could be hard for me to follow normally, my phone had a feature that translated her speech to text on the screen.

“Morning mom. How was your evening?”

“Good, I decided to explore the local nightlife. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed.”

“Ooh, did you get to meet a sir or madam that caught your eye?”

“You could say that…” She said, clearly amused.

“Well, tell me everything.”

“Well, her name is Bianca, she’s Italian-American from Boston, she’s just finished her masters in architecture and has decided to go backpacking through america before she continue her studies. And she’s as gorgeous as she’s tiny.” My mom answered.

Although my mom had been consistently single through my life, my mom had never been shy to talk about her sexuality and her attraction to both men and women. The only secret that had ever existed between us had been my father’s identity.

“Boston’s good, it’s close to home.” I teased her.

“I think its a little early to talk about encores. What about you, how was your first night at Ravenhold?”

“It was alright. Met a bunch of new people they seem nice. Although my new roommate seems a tad bit awkward and I don’t know why. Like it feels like she was on nyquil or something.”

“I’m sure she’s just amazed by your great personality.”

“Yeah, right.”

There was some background noise that my phone couldn’t translate and I couldn’t quite catch either.

“Hey listen, I’m going to get some breakfast. Catch you after class?”

“Sure. Have a good day.”

“You too. Love you.”

“I love you too.”

She hung up and I went back to my food. I made a plate for myself, sunny side up, just how I liked it and ate it alone. I opened the TV that faced the brunch counter and put it on mute with captions. TV was one of those things I couldn’t really follow without captions, thankfully the others hadn’t objected when had I asked for them during movie time last night.

I watched some boring early morning talk show until a few minutes later the first person to wake up shamled into the common room, dragging their feet on the ground, a black person whom I wasn’t sure of the name name of. They wore an old baggy tee and some jeans. All I knew what that I’d heard them say they went by they pronouns the night before.

“Morning! You’re Allison… right?” I said, trying to hope I had the right name.

“Uh-huh.” They answered before sitting down at the breakfast counter.

“Rough night, eh?” I joked, but they didn’t laugh. “Tea or coffee?”

“Coffee…” They answered.

“Coming right up. How do you like your eggs?”


With that, I got to work, scrambling three eggs for them and using my power to levitate the coffee from the machine and into a cup I’d placed down for them. They sort of sipped their cup silently for a while and I decided not to bother them until they had achieved an acceptable level of consciousness.

Only a few minutes afterward Charlie came out of our room. Wearing a tank top and some pajama pants.

“Morning Charlie. How do you like your eggs?” I asked her.

“O — sy.” Was all I heard as she mumbled her line before yawning. Even though my hearing aids helped me function in hearing society, people had to talk loud and clearly for me to understand, plus I had to pay attention. Still, there was only four answers so it hadn’t been hard to guess which she’d said from what I did hear.

“Alright. Coming right up!”

I got to work and plated both of them a nice breakfast. Allison was served first and they mechanically got up, went to the fridge and sat back down with a bottle of ketchup in hand before pouring what had to be half the bottle onto their meal before shoving it down their mouth…

It took me a moment to recover; drowning your meal in ketchup is the cooking equivalent of someone throwing a paint bucket at your recently finished tableau…Still, I didn’t say anything, Allison probably didn’t mean to offend. Instead I turned back and finished Charlie’s plate.

“Thank you.” She said with a smile once I gave her her food. Which made me kind of happy to see that she wasn’t as awkward last night. She didn’t hate me! Which was something.

“You’re very welcome.”

She dug into her plate, not ruining it like Allison had and that lifted a weight off my shoulders.

“Are you always this lively in the morning? I consider myself a morning person but dang you’re in a whole different league.” Charlie asked after a few bites of bacon, which confirmed that the previous night’s weirdness wasn’t her normal.

“I’m used to be up and working before daybreak; I live on a farm with my mom and grandparents so I get up every morning to collect eggs before breakfast which I cook and then I have school. And really I love cooking so it’s win-win for everyone.”

“That’s neat. What kind of farm do you own, is it a ranch?”

“Nah, it’s a crop farm. We grow animal feed commercially; mostly a rotation of alfalfa, field corn and soybeans. But we have some animals for our personal use; a bunch of egg hens, some rabbits and a few sheeps for wool and milk.”

“Where is it located?”

“South west Massachusetts, not that far above the Connecticut border. We’re right by the Housatonic river.”

“Say, weren’t you with the Raven yesterday when we arrived?” Allison asked Charlie, now suddenly paying attention.

“Yeah, that would be because he’s my dad.”

“The Raven’s your dad?” I exclaimed without thinking.

Before me was the honest to god daughter of a Legionnaire. Someone who’d learned from the best of the bests. And I was rooming with her!

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