Outland: Part II

The Human Outlands
Part II: A New Home

Once everyone was assembled they brought us to a house on the school campus and explained the rules of our new habitation before we went in.

Human houses are strange; everything is so tall, even they can’t reach the table when sat on the ground so they have to use chairs, they don’t normally have a pool in the common room and their personal rooms are big so they can hide and not spend time with their family and friends. So really human houses are perfect for them and their weird behavior.

I quickly explored around, finding the upstair lounge, the sunroom and the back garden before anyone else. When I came back from my exploration, Annabelle approached me with a box marked ‘Hawaiian’.

“Are you hungry?” She asked, showing me the inside of the box; a round flat bread with cheese and other stuff on it like yellow fruits and meaty bits.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Pizza, the best thing in the world.” Annabelle answered. “You have to try it.”

“Okay. But not this one…”

She guided me to the other boxes and I inspected their content. I took the one with seafood, the others had lots of land animal meat and when I’d tried some sausages in Johannesburg with Kulaat which had made our stomachs hurt all night. Earth sea animals however were fine; I often fished in the Vaal dam lake.

It was my first time trying pizza. It’s weird but it’s good; it’s a salty and gooey with a nice crisp. You get a bite and all the different flavors mix in your mouth because of how it’s layered.

Rowan had to be hungry because they ate more than anyone else. Although with how big they were, maybe it was their normal.

“Have you ever eaten human food?” Annabelle asked.

“A few times. When my family and I go to the city, we always get a meal there; Chakalaka is my favorite. It’s like a sauce with vegetable that’s really spicy and they serve it on bread or some kind of porridge called pap. Have you ever tried Itharii food?”

“Yeah, I really love those doughnut with the fruit syrup.”

“Narik, I love those too, I eat them for breakfast a lot because Tzama-zuzu makes the best Nari in the world.”


“She’s one of my mothers.”

“One of them?”

“I have two mothers.”

“Oh, that’s cool. My older cousin and his boyfriend have a kid too.”

Before I could say anything in answer, a girl in a wheelchair came to us.

“Hey sorry to bother you. I’m Yougen, your roommate.” She said to Annabelle.

“I’m Annabelle. Pleased to meet you.” She answered with a smile.

“I should check who I’m rooming with.” I said, leaving them.

The room assignment were posted on a corkboard, here was a bit of a crowd around it, with people talking to their new roommate. Along with a few other pamphlets, was the room sheet but I couldn’t read any of them as they were placed for human eye level.

“It’s too high. I can’t read it.” I said, getting on my tippie toes.

“You’re roomed with Jaime Santiago.” Rowan said. Coming up and standing up to read the sheet since they slinked around on all four when moving about.

“Thanks.” I said. “I wish I was as tall as you.”

“Paramorphism has its advantages.”


“Being like me.”


“Hey, which one of you is Rowan?” Someone asked breaking our conversation, a dark skinned female with long braided hair.

“That’s my call.” They said to me.

Rowan went toward the one who called them and I went and looked around for Jaime. I found her sitting apart from everyone else just quietly eating. She was obviously female, was tall and thin, had long reddish brown hair and she was marked with faded burn scars on her face and neck.

“Hello.” I said. “I’m Ahti Tkara. We’re roommates.”

“Jaime.” Was all she said.

I offered my hand like humans like to do and she just looked at it for a second. I wasn’t sure why she didn’t shake it, maybe there were times when it wasn’t appropriate? I made a note to ask Annabelle later.

She found our room, it was one of those on the second floor and I followed her in.

Our room was big and we both had beds, humans always make thing big for some reason. Jaime just threw her things onto it and started unpacking what little she had.

I however wasn’t feeling like it. Instead, I climbed on the bed, it was nice and soft, before lying down. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

I woke up a little under two hours earlier, the sun had completely gone down. I took the time to get my things out of my bags; my clothes, family pictures, my diving tools, my personal care products and my favorite Iravii plush.

Once I was satisfied with my side of the room, I walked back into the common room and found several of the other sitting on a couch watching movies, including Annabelle, so I joined them.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“Yeah, was just tired, spent all day on a plane and then a bus.”

“Want to watch a movie with us little guy?” One of them said. He still had his tag calling him Mace.


I sat down between Mace and Annabelle and they put on another movie, a silly action piece this time.

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